Premium Delivery Service


AT DeliverRer you get the same Deliverer

With every other delivery & ordering app you always get a different deliverer. Not with DeliverRer, you get your personal deliverer that do all your requested deliveries. 

Reliable service every time

Don’t worry about any of your deliveries being canceled, missing or your deliverer delivering to the wrong address. 

We guarantee that you will not experience any of these issues with your personal deliverer. 


We deliver everything

Let DeliverRer do all your Deliveries for you

Food And Drinks

Your Favorite Restuarant


Pick up & Deliver Retail 


We Shop for you

How Delivery Works

Easy and non-complicated

1. Place Your Order

Any Grocery Store Restaurant Retail Store

2. Pay Order

Pay Securely through the website you ordered 

3. Order Picked Up

We pick up your order, then contact you

4. Order Delivered

We make sure you receive your order. 

Our Partner

We deliver for some of the biggest companies in the world. Let us name drop a few. 

Our Experience & Our Customers

Amazon Deliveries
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Instacart Deliveries
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DoorDash Deliveries
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IBCAME ME Deliveries
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Of Delivery Business
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Stay at Home We Will Deliver Your Order

Avoid traffic crowded stores & long lines. We shop pick up & deliver for you.


Try us and see how good
our services are.


Swift Delivery

Most deliveries delivered in less than 20 min. 


Trusted Service

We make sure you get what you order & all your deliveries.


Friendly Deliverer

We provide excellent customer service & deliver with a smile. 


Safety Protocol

We follow all safety & health regulations. 

Downlaod the DeliverRer app

Order from our apps and get special offer

Download free

Become an Independent Personal Delivery Driver

Drive your own vehicle

Motocycle Rider


Download DeliverRer Driver App

Join Our DeliverRer community.

Over 8 years Delivering in Las Vegas. We Proudly represent our city & community. Join us in helping making life easier for others. 

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