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For proof of purchase & for your records, we will send you a share representing the total amount stocks you own,

Buy as many shares as you want up to 100,000.


When you invest in the product you like, you have 3 options.

Option 1

You choose the product (s) you want to invest in. You can invest in as many products that you want and invest as much as you want, as long as you invest in the minimum amounts required.

We market and sell the products on our platforms and through our affiliates, you receive 25% profit off each product you invest in each and every-time one of your products sell. For example

You invest $500 in shoes @ $20.00 wholesale ea. You have 25 pairs of shoes. We market and sell via our Platform & Affiliates. You do nothing but collect a profit each time one of your shoes sell.

We sell the shoe between $40 – $50 retail. If we sell the shoe for $40 you receive $10 profit per shoe. $10 x 25 pairs of shoes is $250.00

You invested $500

With that same $500 you originally invested you get another 25 pairs of shoes.

The process repeats and you make another $250.00 in profits. Total profits so far is $500.00

This process continues between 18 months – 3 years.

Let’s say you receive $250.00 in profits every 90 days.

That would be 1k in 1 yr.

you choose to invest for 18 months. Your gross profits would be 1.5K

Your total minimum net profits would be 1k

Let’s do the math “numbers don’t lie”

$250.00 every 90 days for 18 months.

$250.00 (90 days)

$250.00 (90 days)

$250.00 (90) days)

$250.00 (90 days)

1 yr.

$250.00 (90 days)

$250.00 (90 days)

18 months

by the second re-up you already have you’re initial investment back $500.00

The next 6 re-ups is all profits.

You can invest in any combinations you like at any minimum amount or all products.


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